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British Record Breaking Coach

Helping People Learn to Lift Safely & Efficiently

Coaching People to be Strong & Confident

Introducing New Lifters to Strength Training

Helping Experienced Lifters Reach their Potential

I've been training with Sean for over a year and it is the most consistent I've ever been! I look forward to all the sessions and it's been a huge help to both my physical and mental health.

I don't avoid certain lifts or exercises anymore and as a result have made so much progress. The limits I had set for myself are gone and Sean has helped me to realise that if I keep going I will keep progressing more and more!

My first program saw increases across all my main lifts and a definite change in mindset. I went from trying to max once a week to building a steady pace at lower weights to increase performance and the results spoke for themselves.

After 18 months my deadlift has now increased by 25kg, squat by 20kg, strict press around 15kg and bench by 20kg.

Sammy C - Online Strength Client

James Glasper-Hassell - Online Strength Client



SD Strength & Fitness was created from a passion to help people to lift weight safer and more efficiently. Between giving clients guidance and education we can increase the standard of lifting.
I provide 1-to-1 Personal Training sessions from learning the basics of lifting to performing strongman/woman lifts. 
I also operate as an online coach, offering coaching to help people gain strength and to look good doing it!

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Carried out at Winning Strength, Southampton.
All Aspects Covered from First Timers to People Wanting to Learn Strongman/woman and Powerlifting.
Winning Strength has a Wide Variety of Kit to Suit Everyone's Individual Goals.



Online coaching is like having your own Coach in your pocket.

Coaching for all your Strength & Fitness goals so you gain strength and look good doing it.

Specific programming so you hit your goals with support, accountability and qualified expertise at your fingertips.


The mission at SD Strength & Fitness is to provide every Client with a service that can make your journey to strength and looking good as simple and seamless as possible.

If you want to be the strongest version of yourself and look good doing it, you've come to the right place!


Woodstock Cl, Hedge End, Southampton SO30 0NG, UK

07423 161281

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