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Like a lot of teen males I got interested in weight training whilst playing football. In my early 20's, life had to take priority with a young family and I was working long days as a Mobile Vehicle Electrician. This meant that my health took a back seat. Moving past my mid-twenties, I decided it was time to get healthy. I decided to set myself a goal of running The Great South Run 5k for Cancer Research which gave me focus. I went from an unhealthy 20st+ to just under 17st and ran the Great South Run 5k raising £300 for Cancer Research.

From here my gym journey reignited. I moved gyms to Spartans Gym, Southampton. A few months after joining Spartans, they advertised for a Charity Strongman Competition. After entering and six months' preparation I came third. This is where my Strongman journey began. Fast forward two years, and I won South East England’s Strongest Man 2017.

Through my Strongman journey, I found my passion for helping people and trained as a qualified Personal Trainer. I find fulfilment and passion from helping people be the best version of themselves!

I now run my own business as a Personal Trainer and online coach, alongside working with Tom Hibbert at Winning Strength Southampton as a Strength Coach.

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